We are grateful at Yavapai Humane Society for the businesses who provide services, support, and financial contributions for the benefit of the homeless animals in our care. One of our valued mission partners is the UPS Stores of the Quad Cities.

UPS Stores Quad Cities came up with a really creative idea that engages their customers in helping the YHS mission. They once charged one dollar to tape boxes being prepped to send for their customers, but now ask for a dollar donation to YHS for the taping service-most are thrilled to give. With two stores in Prescott, one in Prescott Valley and one in Chino Valley, the YHS donation boxes the UPS Stores have available for customers are adding up too, for a total of $10,722 in the last two years!

Greg Kingsbury, Business Manager for the UPS Stores and dad to five dogs, said “We are glad to help, anything we can do.” He also noted that he is an animal lover. “I’d like to encourage other businesses to get on board and really back the Humane Society.” Suggested Greg. The UPS Store is a shining example of business leadership in our community.

Elisabeth Haugan, Development and Marketing Director for Yavapai Humane Society said, “Greg and his team really understand supporting the community in a special way. Not only are they doing something they personally believe in, they’re also showing their customers that corporate social responsibility is important to their business. On top of it, they’re INVOLVING their customers in giving, which increases brand loyalty. A community initiative like Greg’s doesn’t take anything away from business—it only adds! On this end, in the nonprofit world, our organization is receiving an amazing partner who is helping our mission. Talk about a win/win! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, UPS Stores Quad Cities.”

1625 Sundog Ranch Road
Prescott, AZ 86301

PHONE: (928) 445-2666


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