You’re driving down the road, and see an AZ license plate that have funny looking characters on it… wait, they’re not just any characters. They’re actually a blue dog and a yellow cat. Cute, right? Move to the left lane, speed up, and forget about it, right? WRONG! Wait just a minute before you forget about those funny looking characters.

The license plate your seeing is actually an important tool for our state that reduces pet overpopulation–preventing more animals from being homeless! How, you ask?

Grant funding.

A portion of every Pet Friendly license plate purchased is deposited in the “Spay and Neuter Fund.” These monies provide funding for no-cost or low-cost surgical sterilization of dogs and cats throughout our state.

Pump the breaks! Does it ACTUALLY help pets in our local community, though?

Green light. YES, yes it does!

Yavapai Humane Society has received five grants from the Companion Animal AZ License Plate Committee, totaling $40,000. Just last year, we received $10,000 in funding from those cute license plates–enough to help spay/neuter more than 150 pets of owners who needed financial assistance. Without that help, these pet owners wouldn’t have been able to afford their pets’ spay/neuter surgeries. Meaning more homeless animals in our community.

So, you could say that AZ Pet Friendly license plates are the “driving force” for fighting pet overpopulation. We wish we could claim that saying, but the Companion Animal AZ License Plate Committee are the clever ones, and that is actually their tagline.

Well, you’re convinced these license plates help, right? Now what?


It’s pretty clear, isn’t it? Get a cute license plate = fight pet overpopulation, and lend a helping hand to fellow pet owners in our community that are in need. Get your plate at

AZ Pet Plates

1625 Sundog Ranch Road
Prescott, AZ 86301

PHONE: (928) 445-2666


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