Winter in particular can bring some dangers pets don’t typically experience during other seasons.

Tips to help keep your pets safe during the chilly months include:

  • Check underneath your car, on top of tires, and under the hood before starting the engine. Outdoor cats and wildlife often take refuge during the cold near the warmth and shelter of a vehicle
  • Pay extra attention to storing anti-freeze and other toxic chemicals. Tune-ups and regular automobile maintenance is common during winter months, but the chemicals can be enticing to cats and dogs and are deadly
  • Keep pets inside so they aren’t vulnerable to dropping temperatures
  • Wash paws off or use gentle cleansing wipes after coming back indoors. Ice-melting chemicals can be irritating and even burn the pads of animals’ paws
  • Keep your dog’s toenails trimmed so your they can get better footing on slippery outdoor surfaces

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