Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) urges pet owners to bear safety in mind this holiday weekend. With Labor Day festivities, dogs and cats can get lost in the shuffle. Safety tips for outdoor activities, ingestible substances, and leash use can prevent harm to a beloved pet.

Many pet owners enjoy the outdoors during a long weekend. YHS encourages outdoor bonding time between people and their four-legged friends with a few precautions. Keeping hydrated is a must, and owners should allow their pet time to rest in a shaded spot. Also pay attention to the heat of the asphalt and take special care to not let a dog’s feet burn on the pavement.

Keep your pet hydrated during Labor Day outdoor activities.


While it may be tempting to sneak a treat to Fido or Fluffy from the dinner table, YHS’ Chief Veterinarian Nicholas Volkman warns, “Certain foods that we people enjoy are toxic for your pets and can be life-threatening—like grapes, onions, chocolate, and sugar-free treats (including peanut butter) which contain xylitol. Other foods can cause digestive upset because of the change in diet.”

Don’t give into those big puppy eyes begging for a scrap from the table. Many foods we humans enjoy are toxic for your pets and can be life-threatening.

Food isn’t the only thing a pet may ingest. YHS reminds owners to store substances like sunscreen, bug spray, and lighter fluid out of a pet’s reach.

Lastly, the animal shelter reminds people to keep their dogs leashed when outdoors. Even if Fido always stays obediently by his owner’s side, pets can show unpredictable behavior when frightened by loud noises. Dogs attempting to flee may lose their sense of direction and run long distances, risking injury or death as they dart in and out of traffic.<

Keep your pet leashed during the holiday festivities when outdoors.


With these simple measures, pet owners can safely enjoy their holiday weekend alongside their pet.

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