Reducing Euthanasia

Yavapai Humane Society has a strong commitment to finding positive placement for animals and reducing euthanasia in our pet population. We apply the same criteria for deciding an animal’s fate that a loving pet guardian or conscientious veterinarian would apply. That is, healthy and treatable animals are not euthanized simply because we lack the room or resources to care for them.

There is no set time for how long an animal can remain in our adoption program. Though we understand the longer an animal is in a kennel environment, the more stressed it can become and its chances of catching illness are increased. Therefore we have a strong sense of urgency and a serious responsibility to finding positive placements for animals as quickly as possible.

A healthy but overlooked animal may be placed in temporary foster care and returned to the adoptions program at a later time to help them work on a behavior modification or to relieve them from the stress of the kennels. Most often, we work with our New Hope placement partners (rescue groups and other organizations), who find homes for some harder-to-place animals that may need a fresh set of eyes visiting with them.

We do everything we can to avoid euthanasia of healthy animals or animals that can be rehabilitated. Sometimes we must humanely euthanize those animals that have severe medical issues or severe behavior issues that make the animal unsafe to adopt out. Yavapai Humane Society takes this responsibility very seriously.

Ultimately, we operate with the commitment that we will not euthanize an animal due to convenience or a lack of space. For the great majority, there is somewhere a kind and loving person or family, and it is our mission to bring them together.