Adoptable Equine

Interested in adopting a horse? Our YHS Equine Center is located at 3731 N Rd 1 W in Chino Valley.  All YHS horse adoptions come with medical and training records, vaccinations, hoof and dental work, and dewormings. Some horses may also come with Pedigree. Prior to adoption, our horses have undergone our ethical training program to learn basic behaviors on the ground and, if applicable, while being ridden. Our goal is to ensure a good match between each horse and their new owner and home. 

If you have any questions about any of the horses we have up for adoption or would like to fill out an application for any of them, please call the Equine Center at 928-515-4947 and speak with our Equine Supervisor. You can also call to make an appointment to come in and see any of the available equines. Meanwhile, please check out our Facebook page here to see videos of the Equine Center and horses or ask questions through Messenger!

Do you just love working with horses but are not looking to adopt? We also have volunteering positions open! If you would like to volunteer at our Equine center, please fill out the Volunteer Application here


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