*Have you lost your pet? Please call us at our Lost and Found Department at (928)445-2666 or come in and visit to see if we have your pet. If we do not, read on below to find out how to post your pet in one of Northern Arizona’s best networks to find and return lost pets.

*Have you found a pet and would like to find the owners? We suggest posting to the Facebook page “Lost Pets of Northern Arizona” as they have a dedicated following of almost 24,000 people looking to help! We suggest that you do the following to best find your lost pet or your foundling’s owners:

*Post a clear and recent photo of your pet, maybe even a few photos from different angles

*Give your pet’s name as that may help call them in if they are scared and running

*Give the cross streets closest to where your pet was lost (or found) as well as the date and approximate time

*Be sure to give accurate contact info; Facebook messaging should automatically work, but if you are comfortable with it, a phone number             and/or an email address that you check all the time. Also, be sure to check your post regularly as people will reply to it frequently.

*Be sure to post updates, especially if your pet came home or was found! This makes everyone so happy!

Click here to go to the Lost Pets of Northern Arizona page 

Click here to see a listing of pets that have been turned in to the Yavapai Humane Society


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