Walk In Vaccination Clinic & Wellness Services

Visit our Walk In Vaccination Clinic every Saturday between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. No appointment necessary; first come, first served.* Need directions? Click here for a map of our location (please note the clinic is not on the same campus as the Pet Adoption Center).


Canine Vaccines

Rabies* $20
DA2PPV (4 in 1)* $20
Bordetella* $20
Combination of all three* $50

Rattlesnake Vaccine:




Feline Vaccines

Rabies $20
FELV $28

Other Services

Puppy/Kitten De-Worming $9 per dose
Microchipping $22
Canine Heartworm Testing $29
Toe Nail Trim $25
Feline FELV/FIV Testing $29

*Note: Vaccinations given by appointment (Wed-Fri) cost an additional $25 for the office visit.

Service offerings also include baby teeth extraction, de-worming, umbilical hernia repair and feral cat spay/neuter.
Call 928.771.0547 for prices.