Animal Welfare Programs


Animal Enrichment

Our Enrichment Program helps maintain the physical and psychological health of the animals at the shelter to minimize unfavorable behavior while increasing adoptability. Enrichment is done through play, exercise, and training.


Special Treatment and Recovery

Special Treatment and Recovery (STAR) provides funds to care for medical needs that an animal might be euthanized for otherwise. Yavapai Humane Society believes in our No Kill Ethic and will continue to heal animals. This is the fund provides medicines, x-rays, medical tests, and reconstructive surgeries that our budget can’t support otherwise.


Equine Rescue

Yavapai Humane Society’s Equine Rescue will house, rehabilitate, care for, and place homeless equines into their new forever homes. Donations to help this life-saving program launch in 2016 are greatly appreciated.


Feral Cat Program

The FELIX (Feral Education and Love Instead of X-termination) Program includes our barn cat adoptions and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Both provide a positive solution to rodent control as well as a bright future for outdoor cats in our community.


New Hope

The New Hope Program partners with other animal welfare organizations across the southwest to make the most of our combined resources. Through this network, we can transfer animals to or from other organizations as needed to help save more lives.

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