Your dog and the great outdoors

The sun is shining, the temps are rising, and it’s time to put on our hiking boots and appreciate the beautiful outdoors of Prescott. Don’t head out without your four-legged friend; they’re itching to enjoy the spring air with you! Outdoor opportunities you can enjoy...

YHS Foster Parents Save Lives

Have you longed to raise puppies or kittens but couldn’t bring yourself to do so because of all the healthy dogs and cats dying in shelters each year? What if you could help reduce the killing and enjoy raising a litter at the same time? The Yavapai Humane...

Ever Wonder Why Cats Purr?

Veterinarian Bruce Fogle, author of The Cat’s Mind, opines that the original purpose of purring was to communicate a sense of wellbeing. This helps explain why kittens are able to purr the second day of life. The purring assures the mama cat that her offspring...

Fantastic Spay/Neuter Infographic

There are lots of urban legends about how many dog or cats can be born from two unsterilized animals. This infographic is a great source of correct information along with benefits of spay/neuter. We love it! Thanks to Tails, Inc. for posting it!

How to Make Halloween Safer for Your Dog

Halloween may be full of treats for humans, but the holiday does not hold the same appeal for our canine counterparts. In fact, Halloween can be a downright frightening time for pets. Here are some tips to make sure Halloween is fun – and safe – for your pet. Be Smart...
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